About Us

Who We Are

Nitrera Technologies Inc. is a collective of forward-thinkers, engineers, and industry veterans committed to excellence in the field of material science. With a heritage steeped in innovation, we stand at the forefront of metallurgical advancements, bringing the benefits of ferritic liquid nitrocarburization to the world's most demanding applications.

Our Vision

At Nitrera Technologies Inc., we envision a world where the endurance of metal isn't just hoped for—it's engineered. Our vision is to redefine the limits of ferrous metals, making them not only the backbone of industries but also the herald of an age where durability meets sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled surface enhancement solutions through innovation, expertise, and the advanced Arcor® process. By doing so, we aim to empower our clients with materials that last longer, perform better, and stand stronger against the test of time and wear.

The Nitrera Advantage

Engineering the Future of Metal Performance

Extended Component Life

Maximize your assets with materials that last longer. Our process ensures your components resist wear, reduce maintenance, and cut costs, delivering value that impacts your bottom line.

Assured Performance

Depend on materials that won't let you down. We provide metals treated for peak performance, ensuring operational continuity and the confidence to face the toughest tasks.

Tailored Client Solutions

Experience personalized support designed for your unique needs. Our approach is to adapt our expertise to fit your specific challenges, ensuring optimal integration and satisfaction.

The Nitrera Technologies Team

Jonathan Bowden
General Manager
Jonathan is the General Manager at Nitrera with 13 years of business development experience. With a long-term view, Jonathan specializes in developing processes, and employee skills. Jonathan uses that experience to improve workplace culture while maximising output and profit. By focusing on quality & delivery, Jonathan has been able to put the experience to good use. This is exhibited by our excellent customer feedback. Over the years, his strengths at taking on challenging new projects that require learning new things have garnered him recognition for being a problem solver. Jonathan may spend his days at Nitrera, but it’s the gratification of solving difficult problems that gets him up in the morning.
Stiles Fillion
Operations Manager
Stiles is the Operations Manager at Nitrera, bringing over 7 years of experience that began at the bottom of the company. He has diligently worked his way up to the top, gaining experience in every role within the company along the journey. This diverse experience equips him with a comprehensive understanding of every step, enabling him to manage Nitrera efficiently while delivering top-quality results. Stiles actively engages with customers in sales, oversees day-to-day production, and ensures the company maintains its high standards and expectations. Known for his easygoing nature, open-mindedness, and approachability, he serves as the primary point of contact for Nitrera Technologies.
Javad Nematollahi
Quality Manager
Javad is the Quality Manager at Nitrera Technologies Inc. with over 15 years of experience in metal and manufacturing industries and extensive knowledge and background of heat treatment, investment casting and quality management.

Javad's commitment to quality and safety is paramount. He oversees the accuracy and quality of the parts and process as well as implementing policies and standards. Involved in numerous technical and development projects, Javad's project management skills, strong knowledge of metallurgical inspections, material selection & characterization, and quality control techniques shine through. His diligent and collaborative nature drives continuous improvement and training initiatives, and ensures technical standards are met for customer satisfaction.

Javad holds a Master's degree in material engineering from university of Tehran. He is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia and certified quality engineer by ASQ.