Black Oxidizing

Black oxidizing gives metals a dark, protective finish. The process forms a thin layer of oxide on the metal's surface, which protects against corrosion. It also offers a sleek, decorative appearance and reduced light reflection.
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Metallurgical Lab

Our metallurgical lab provides in-depth material analysis and testing. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we study material properties, composition, and defects. Clients trust us for accurate results and insights to guide their metal-related projects.
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Surface Finishing

Surface finishing refines, beautifies, and protects metal components. Our techniques remove imperfections, enhance texture, and ensure consistent quality. Whether for aesthetics or functional purposes, our finishes ensure your parts perform and look their best.
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Liquid Nitriding

Liquid nitriding enhances metal properties by introducing nitrogen at the surface. This thermochemical process improves wear resistance, fatigue life, and corrosion protection. It's used for various alloys and tools, ensuring enhanced durability and performance.
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